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Ex-Ante: Empowering Emotion Management in Financial Markets

Over 8000 professionals have transformed their financial management approach, thanks to our cutting-edge behavioral finance software


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More than 8000 professionals have leveraged our software

Our software monitors assets worth over 5 billion


Ex-Ante is trusted by a wide range of banking institutions


Diaman Group has been proudly serving the financial industry for 20 years


Our financial software utilizes innovative methods and models that go beyond the traditional mean-variance criteria adopted by Markowitz. We have the support of esteemed experts like Professor Ruggero Bertelli, who serves as an Advisor to Ex-Ante and is an Associate Professor of Economics of Financial Intermediaries at the University of Siena. Additionally, he holds the position of Vice-President at Prader Bank and is a member of the advisory committee of the closed-end fund Euregio minibond by PensPlan Invest SGR

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Our portfolio management software provides you with a comprehensive solution for investing in funds and ETFs.


Featuring advanced functionalities for portfolio diversification, security selection, and performance analysis, our software empowers you to make well-informed decisions and optimize your earning potential.

We are committed to providing a user-friendly and customizable solution, allowing you to manage your portfolio efficiently and stay up-to-date with the latest market trends

Ex-Ante BOND

Our portfolio management software is the ideal solution for investing in bonds.


With its advanced functionalities, you can efficiently manage your bond portfolio, select the most suitable securities for your needs, and continually monitor your investment's performance.


We are committed to providing a simple and intuitive user experience, coupled with advanced analytical tools that enable you to make informed decisions and achieve the highest returns on your investment

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Streamline and expedite the process of monitoring client investments, aggregating portfolios, managing risks, and generating new investment ideas


With our in-depth portfolio analysis, you can effortlessly access all your portfolio data, monitor your investment performance, and identify strengths and weaknesses to enhance your investment strategy

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The Ex-Ante Financial Advisor module stands as an innovative solution tailored for industry professionals aiming to dedicate more time to their clients, while staying competitive in the market and meeting the requirements introduced by MiFid 2 in financial advisory. With a series of model portfolios based on risk indices and a keen focus on behavioral finance encompassing risk management, intelligent correlation utilization, and the development of efficiency indicators like volatility, Sharpe ratio, and DIAMAN Ratio, we empower our clients to customize their portfolios with the most suitable funds and/or ETFs tailored precisely to their needs



Our customized value proposition is rooted in an innovative Behavioral Finance approach to create, rebalance, and customize portfolios according to your clients' needs, providing them with the best possible service.


Our risk monitoring tool empowers you to identify and analyze key portfolio risks, utilizing Ex-Ante's Scenario Analysis and multifactor risk indicators to comprehend financial instruments with superior DrawDown recovery capabilities, safeguarding your clients' investments.

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Harness the power of an innovative Behavioral Finance approach, enabling you to create, rebalance, and customize portfolios according to your clients' unique needs


Effortlessly consolidate your clients' portfolio data in one unified solution. Ex-Ante offers you an instant and comprehensive overview of the assets held in their portfolios

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Our holistic vision entails a comprehensive and integrated perspective of your clients' portfolios. With Ex-Ante, you can gain a complete overview of the assets held in your clients' portfolios, allowing you to make informed decisions and provide highly personalized and professional service


Ex-Ante's tailored value proposition empowers you to create, rebalance, and customize your portfolios according to your clients' specific needs, leveraging an innovative Behavioral Finance approach.


With Ex-Ante, you can identify the best investment opportunities in financial markets and select the most suitable instruments to meet your clients' investment objectives.


Enhance transparency by sharing portfolio reporting and showcase the rationale behind your investment decisions



Ex-Ante Family Offices is specifically designed to offer innovative tools for family portfolio management, with the primary objective of maximizing wealth growth and preserving it for the long term.


Through our extensive research and development, the Ex-Ante Family Offices module provides efficiency indicators based on behavioral finance and intelligent risk management, enabling you to achieve portfolio objectives across various asset classes.


The Ex-Ante Family Offices module empowers you to effortlessly create and monitor well-diversified portfolios, ensuring efficient wealth management that perfectly aligns with your clients' needs.

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Reliable and timely market analysis empowers you to generate more informed portfolio ideas


Reliable and timely market analysis enables you to generate more informed portfolio ideas.


Simultaneously, you can easily identify overvalued and undervalued securities in the market, reducing potential risk exposure


Our software enables you to constantly monitor your portfolios and manage risks promptly. With real-time data analysis and push notifications, you can act swiftly to mitigate any potential risks


The Ex-Ante module offers a high degree of customization, enabling you to create tailor-made portfolios for your clients. With a behavioral finance approach, you can meet diverse investment needs and enhance their experience



Our software is designed to be easily integrated with your existing workflow processes. You can effortlessly import client data from various sources and utilize the reporting features to share information with your colleagues or clients

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Highly customized solutions to optimize daily operations and streamline processes, reducing manual interventions


Seamless API integration enables highly tailored solutions to optimize day-to-day operations, enhancing process efficiency and minimizing manual interventions. The capability to generate personalized and integrated reports adds significant value, meeting the specific needs of each client


For further information, product demo, and commercial proposals, please reach out to us using the contact details below

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